Paragliding around Sarajevo and the surrounding mountains will allow you to experience the true greatness of nature. Paragliding is the best way to actualize your dreams of flying like a bird. The activity is based on tandem paragliding or paragliding in pairs. You are not required to have prior experience, training, or preparation because you will be accompanied by licenced tour guide. Tandem Paragliding around Sarajevo will give you the ultimate experience of looking down on a landscape from a bird’s eye view. The standard flying locations for these tours are the Olympic mountains; Bjelašnica, Jahorina, Igman and Trebević as well as other mountain areas like Barice, Mrkovići, Romanija, Vlašić etc.
The Babin Dol valley on Bjelašnica to the peak of the mountain, which is a little over one hour drive by car.
The takeoff on Igman is approx. 40 minutes of car drive from the centre of Sarajevo.
The top of mountain Trebević can be reached by car within 20 minutes from the centre of Sarajevo.
The takeoff location on mount Jahorina is about 40 minutes car drive from the downtown Sarajevo.
The Takeoff on Romanija is on the Red rocks. It is around 40 minutes drive by car from Sarajevo and an additional 10 minutes of walk through the forest.
The Mount Vlašić takeoff is the furthest from Sarajevo. It takes about 2 hours to get there by car.
Paragliding tour includes:
* Licenced tour guide
* Coffee and lunch on the mountain
* Transfer by van
* Tandem paragliding flight
* All the necessary equipment
* Parking place
* Petrol
* All taxes
* Meeting point: personal pick-ups, drop offs


*PLEASE NOTE that the prices are based on 3 person groups.



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